Third Call for Project Proposals under the Treaty’s Benefit-sharing Fund


The Bureau of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture opened the Third Call for Proposals under the Benefit-sharing Fund of the Treaty on 7 March 2014. The Call will invest more than USD 10 million in projects globally.

The thematic focus of the Call for Proposals 2014, within the three agreed priorities of the Benefit-sharing Fund, is helping to ensure sustainable food security by assisting farmers to adapt to climate change through a targeted set of high impact activities on the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. Continuar leyendo ‘Third Call for Project Proposals under the Treaty’s Benefit-sharing Fund’

Convocatorias de ayudas económicas para el funcionamiento de una organización de la Unión a nivel de consumidor – Financial contributions to the functioning of a Union-Level Consumer Organisation – CONS-EUORG-2014


Programa plurianual de Consumidores

descripción y objetivos: La convocatoria tiene por objeto proporcionar contribuciones financieras (subvenciones de funcionamiento) para el funcionamiento de una organización de consumidores a nivel de la Unión para mejorar la educación, la información y sensibilización de los consumidores. Esta subvención de funcionamiento cubrirá parte de los gastos de explotación normales de una entidad sin ánimo de lucro independiente, y que tenga como objetivos y actividades primordiales el fomento y la protección de la salud, la seguridad, los intereses económicos y jurídicos de los consumidores en la Unión.

Continuar leyendo ‘Convocatorias de ayudas económicas para el funcionamiento de una organización de la Unión a nivel de consumidor – Financial contributions to the functioning of a Union-Level Consumer Organisation – CONS-EUORG-2014′

European Commission: Call for Proposals 2014


World Bank: e-Institute


The e-Institute. This unique global portal is designed to support self-motivated learners who want to get up to speed on the latest development trends, enhance their skills, and share knowledge through on-line learning communities.
Connect.  Learn.  Innovate.  Inspire.


Concurso regional de iniciativas para promover la igualdad de género en América Latina

El objetivo es reconocer las iniciativas para hacer frente al embarazo adolescente, la violencia de género y promover la participación de las mujeres en la toma de decisiones.El Concurso de Iniciativas para Promover la Igualdad de Género invita a los profesionales de la región de América Latina y el Caribe a presentar sus experiencias en enfoques innovadores y efectivos, procesos, políticas o programas que han permitido obtener mejores resultados en las siguientes áreas:1.    El embarazo adolescente
2.    La violencia de género,
3.    La participación de las mujeres en los procesos de toma de decisiones.El concurso propone descubrir, documentar y compartir las iniciativas innovadoras, eficaces y sostenibles que aborden estos desafíos claves de género dentro de la región. El concurso tiene como objetivo fomentar la cooperación, el intercambio de información, y el aprendizaje a través de la expansión de las redes tanto dentro y como fuera del Banco Mundial; así como fortalecer las redes de individuos, grupos y organizaciones que trabajan para mejorar la igualdad de género en América Latina y el Caribe.

A List of 20 Foundations Supporting Projects on Environment and Biodiversity Conservation

Organizations and groups who genuinely strive to protect environment, conserve biodiversity and build a secure world for the people to live are supported by funders in the achievement of these goals. We here have a list of top 20foundations supporting local, regional and international organizations working in the sector of environmental protection through different approaches and activities.

The British Ornithologists’ Union

The British Ornithologists’ Union (BOU) is one of the world’s oldest and most respected ornithological organizations with an international membership stretching across all continents. Founded in 1858, the BOU aims to to promote understanding and conservation of the world’s birds, advance ornithology within the scientific community and promote scientific ornithology to the wider bird watching public.

Areas of Interest

  1. Environment
  2. Conservation
  3. Birds
  4. Animals & Wildlife

BOU Grant Awards

The BOU has following two grant award schemes:

  1. BOU Small Research Grants
  2. BOU Career Development Bursaries

Target Countries

Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada,  Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland,  Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, NetherlandsNew Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Russia, RwandaSerbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden,  Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

You can also download a PDF version of this entire list of foundations if you are a Premium Member (Log in here). Not a Premium Member? There are loads of advantages in becoming a Premium Member. See here. Not interested? Continue reading…



Monsanto International Fund towards Basic Education & Critical Needs in Farming Communities


The Monsanto Fund concerned towards improving the lives of people around the globe provides sustainable assistance to communities. The Fund focuses on strengthening farming communities by providing them the basiceducation support and meeting their critical needs.

  1. Basic Education Support – support to schools, libraries, science centers, farmer training programs and academic programs that enrich or supplement school programs.

  2. Meeting critical needs – support to non-profit organizations that work in the sector of food security, sanitation, access to clean water, public safety and various other local needs

Grant request should be made for minimum UA$25,000. Request can be made for maximum 3 years but single year request are encouraged.

Monsanto Fund Eligible Regions/Countries

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants can be public charities incorporated in the U.S. and working in a foreign country, indigenous public charities, units of government, private schools primarily serving an economically disadvantaged population, and private hospitals primarily serving an economically disadvantaged population.

  • Applicant must be operating for a minimum of two years to be considered for funding.

  • Applicants must qualify as tax exempt public charities or its equivalent and provide proof of tax-exempt status as outlined by IRS rules.

  • The proposed project must explain the need/problem, describe the strategy to address the problem and specify expected results of the strategy.

  • The proposal must demonstrate organization’s ability to implement the strategies, provide details on usage of the requested funds and be clear, complete, easy to understand and compelling.

  • The proposal must include past experience on implementing similar kinds of projects.

  • Applications must be submitted in English language.

  • Proposed program objective must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

  • Proposed project should not start earlier than 1 December 2014.

For more information, please visit Monsanto Fund


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