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ArgentinaSummers in northeast Argentina are hot and humid. At siesta time, the people of this rural municipality like to drink “tereré” (cold yerba mate), which until now they had problems preparing because of lack of clean water or electricity. But sometimes small donations can make a big dent in inequality.

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GiVE 365 #Grant Application Due February 10, 2015 – #grants #community #nonprofit

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The 2015 grant theme is And now for something completely different: Small grants to support new projects or programs that add value to the community and have a likelihood of success. Click here to view eligibility and apply.

Have you been trying to get a new project off the ground? Does your organization have a new idea that you haven’t tried before? This cycle, GiVE 365 members will be looking for projects that require some start-up funding, but could make an important difference to the community.

Projects should advance the mission of your organization and have a plan for sustained funding (if necessary) past the initial start-up.  Pilot projects that have been on the back-burner for lack of funds or new ideas that haven’t been tried at all, will have a chance to receive funding. Requests to expand existing projects are not eligible. Grants to advance the planning of a new…

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Pfizer Grants $299,997 for PainNET

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Pfizer has granted just under $299,997 to the Weitzman Institute for the development of PainNET. PainNET is designed to help undeserved populations manage chronic pain. PainNET is linked to Project ECHO.

Peace and Health
Mark Masselli

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Grant application due Jan 14, small permaculture enterprise fund

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Happy New Year,
How are you? As you may know, for the last year, my company TGI has been working with LUSH Cosmetics to transition all of their raw materials purchasing to permaculture & regenerative agricultural sources.
I am excited to share with you a new small grants program called SEED: Sustainable Enterprise Ecology Development they have instituted to help seed the growth of regenerative permaculture based enterprises around the world.
I am writing to ask you for recommendations on potential applicants for the grant funds ($50,000 available in 2015, grant size averages $3,000/grantee). If you know of any high quality applicants (including your own business/project) you would like to recommend, please take a look at the overview document where you will find a link to the online application due by Jan. 14th, and/or fill out a brief recommendation form (on google) by clicking here:

Please do not hesitate…

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Grants: Northumbria University: AHRC funding for UK/EU Arts and Humanities research students in Heritage

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The Heritage Consortium will soon be awarding PhD studentships designed to train the next generation of Heritage professionals and researchers. The studentships encourage interdisciplinary research that is engaged directly with local communities, museums and other partner institutions. As part of the programme you will receive specialist training in Heritage Research and work with supervisors from across the institutions contained in the Consortium.

Northumbria University has a wide range of Heritage expertise in Heritage Management, English Literature, History, Cultural Studies and other fields, and encourages applications from students in areas including:

  • Commemoration and collective memory (celebration and ritual at heritage sites; conflicting memories of minority groups; literary heritage and cultural tourism; memorials, sculpture and public art)
  • Migration and diaspora history (associational culture; cultural transfer; roots tourism; material culture; ethnic associations)
  • Museum history and heritage conservation and management (historic houses; histories of galleries and exhibitions; archives and collections; conserving urban heritage)
  • Public…

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The 2015 Diplomat Fellowship

La organización Diplomat tiene abierta la convocatoria The 2015 Diplomat Fellowship cuyo objetivo principal es apoyar la creación y descubrimiento de proyectos que planteen soluciones para problemas sociales que ocurren en las comunidades urbanas a lo largo del mundo. La fecha de cierre es el 31 de marzo de 2015. Seguir leyendo ‘The 2015 Diplomat Fellowship’

Fellowships Robert S. McNamara Fellowship 2015

El Banco Mundial tiene abierta la convocatoria para el Programa de Fellowships Robert S. McNamara Fellowship 2015, cuyo objetivo principal es financiar investigaciones o estudios doctorales en desarrollo económico. La fecha de cierre es el 11 de febrero de 2015.

El apoyo comprende el viaje ida y vuelta en clase económica, costos de matrícula de la institución, un estipendio que cubra subsistencia, alojamiento y seguro médico, y los gastos que incurra la investigación (libros, materiales, software, seminarios, viáticos). Seguir leyendo ‘Fellowships Robert S. McNamara Fellowship 2015’

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