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Hivos Grants for Innovative Ideas and Best Practices for more open, democratic & greener societies

Hivos is accepting submissions for its first round of Social Innovation Awards that provide grants to individuals, organizations and companies from Asia, Africa and Latin America to share their most innovative ideas and best practices that contribute to more open, democratic and green societies.

Addressing the major challenges to the future of people and the planet requires new ideas. In the face of persistent inequality, an unsustainable economic system and threats to freedom and dignity, Hivos is continuously looking for new ways, new practices and new alliances that will contribute to systemic change.

This year, Hivos is launching its first Social Innovation Award. The award is meant to encourage new solutions for social change by supporting innovative ideas and practices which expand and defend freedom or create productive ecosystems that sustain human progress.

The Hivos Social Innovation Award has two categories:

  • A prize for a promising innovative idea that needs support to develop into a prototype.
  • A prize for a proven innovative approach that needs support to scale up and increase impact.

Both awards entail a €15,000 prize which must be invested in further developing the concept. The first category award consists of a € 5,000 prize and a coaching trajectory worth € 10,000 to develop the idea into a prototype. The second category prize is intended as an investment in scaling proven approaches within the next two years.

The semi-finalists are selected online by the public together with Hivos. They are then offered an interactive learning trajectory that will enable them to elaborate their proposal. After a jury determines who the top 3 finalists per category are, they will get the opportunity to pitch their proposals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The deadline for the first round of submissions is 9 November 2014. The Award Ceremony will be on 5 February 2015.

Microsoft Software Donations -Microsoft: Donación de Microsoft Software

MICROWe believe technology can be a powerful force that opens exciting opportunities for nonprofits to better achieve their missions and accelerate their impact. That’s why we donate, on average, $2 million dollars a day in software to nonprofits around the world. In the hands of nonprofit organizations, technology can boost productivity, increase effectiveness through better collaboration, and extend services to new communities and individuals in need.

Software Grants

Through the Microsoft Software Donation Program, eligible organizations can receive software donations through Microsoft or our partner, TechSoup Global (and their worldwide network of TechSoup Global affiliates). To get started: Continuar leyendo ‘Microsoft Software Donations -Microsoft: Donación de Microsoft Software’

Becas Internacionales de la Dirección General de Cooperación Internacional del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto

mericEl Departamento de Becas Internacionales de la Dirección General de Cooperación Internacional – DGCIN – tiene como objetivo relacionar la oferta de becas con la demanda de capacitación generada por los actores sociales del desarrollo integral, con la finalidad de obtener un alto potencial de aplicabilidad y replicabilidad del conocimiento adquirido en el ámbito en el cual el postulante esté inserto.

Entre otras acciones difunde las convocatorias para ciudadanos argentinos, de Becas Académicas de Posgrado y Cursos de Desarrollo Profesional ofrecidos por países, agencias de cooperación, organismos internacionales y organismos regionales.


Personalmente: Previa solicitud de entrevista, de martes a jueves en el horario de 11.00 hs. a 13.00 hs. en la Dirección General de Cooperación Internacional del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto.
Esmeralda 1212 Piso 12 (C1007ABR)

Atención Telefónica: Lunes a viernes, 4819-7268 fax 4819-7272

Correo electrónico:

Se puede solicitar la inclusión a la lista de distribución de la información de Becas Internacionales enviando un e-mail a:

Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme – Beca y Programa de Liderazgo Louis Dreyfus – Weidenfeld


The Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme supports outstanding postgraduate students from transition and emerging economies throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

The Louis Dreyfus Foundation aims to promote sustainable agriculture, food security and self-sufficiency, particularly through education and direct support to farmers, with a specific focus on emerging countries in the above-mentioned regions.One of the Foundation’s goals is to address the challenge facing humanity to double global food production in a sustainable way in order to feed a rapidly growing population.The Leadership Programme includes:

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Programa de Subvenciones Comunitarias de Fundación Walmart- Community Grant Program


  • Community Grants range from the minimum grant of $250 to the maximum grant of $2,500.
  • Organizations must submit an online application to be considered for funding.
  • The deadline to apply for 2014 funding is December 31, 2014.

 Eligibility Checklist

  1. Funds must benefit the facility’s service area: potential grantees should be nonprofit organizations with programs that benefit communities within the service area of the Walmart store, Sam’s Club or Logistics facility from which they are requesting funds.
  2. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have identified four core areas of giving: Hunger Relief & Healthy EatingSustainability,Women’s Economic Empowerment or Career OpportunityTo ensure that your application has the best chance of being funded, the proposed use of the grant should fit within one of these areas of giving. Primary consideration for the Community Grant program is to support local organizations with programs that align with the Foundation’s areas of giving. However, programs that do not align with these areas may also be given consideration. If you are applying for funding through a Sam’s Club location, additional focus areas are considered. Learn more about the Sam’s Club Giving Program.
  3. Organizations must be described as one of the following:
  • An organization holding a current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3), (4), (6) or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • A recognized government entity: state, county, or city agency, including law enforcement or fire departments, that are requesting funds exclusively for public purposes;
  • A K-12 public or private school, charter school, community/junior college, state/private college or university; or
  • A church or other faith-based organization with a proposed project that benefits the community at large.

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WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships for Nature Conservation – Becas Prince Bernhard de WWF para la Conservación de la Naturaleza

medioaHow does this scheme work? The WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships (PBS) are awarded to individuals from East and South who wish to pursue formal studies or professional training in the field of conservation.

Under the patronage of the late HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and to pay a lasting tribute to the Founder President of WWF and The 1001: A Nature Trust, the WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarship Fund for Nature Conservation was created in 1991 to help build conservation expertise and leadership in developing countries and emerging economies.

With the generous support of The 1001: A Nature Trust, the aim of the WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships is to provide financial support to individuals who wish to pursue short-term professional training or formal studies that will help them contribute more effectively to conservation efforts in their country. Each scholarship empowers a dedicated conservationist to build his or her capacity. In turn, these people are in a position to share the benefits of their knowledge and skills with others and so spread the benefits.

The Prince Bernhard Scholarships are:

  • Enabling – help people be more effective to achieve conservation
  • Developmental – nurture scholars to become conservation leaders
  • Multiplying – inspire graduates to train others

Who should apply?

As a priority, the PBS support mid-career training (up to a maximum of one year) for individuals working in the field of conservation or associated disciplines directly relevant to the delivery and promotion of conservation. Applications from candidates doing multiple-year studies will only be considered if the applicant is applying for support for the last year of studies.

Applications are encouraged from people seeking to build skills in specific subjects that will enhance their contribution to nature conservation. In particular, women and people working for non-governmental or community-based organizations are encouraged to apply.

Only nationals from Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America & Caribbean, Eastern Europe & Middle East will be considered, including WWF staff or candidates working as partners with WWF. Preference is given to those who seek support for studies in their country or region and provide proof that they are also seeking funding from other sources. Applicants must provide written proof of acceptance on a course.

How to Apply

Applications (the form can be downloaded with informationon how to complete the form in English, French & Spanish posted to the right of this page) should be submitted to the candidate’s nearest WWF or Associate Office and the deadline for submission is mid-January of each year. The list of WWF Office Contacts can also be downloaded to the right.

Each WWF Office or Associate carries out an initial screening of the applications they receive and make their recommendations to the PBS Selection Committee, which meets in April each year. Only those applications accompanied by a completed recommendation by a WWF Office or Associate will be considered.

Amounts Awarded

The maximum amount for any one scholarship under this scheme is CHF 10,000, and preferential consideration is given to requests for less than CHF 10,000.

WWF’s Expectations

After completion of their studies Prince Bernhard Scholars are expected to return to their home country or region to work in conservation, or a related field. Moreover, the course should have a direct link to WWF’s Biodiversity and Footprint Goals. See below the brochure ‘acting as one …from ambition to actionWWF’s compelling conservation agenda.

If accepted, and upon completion of the course, the Prince Bernhard Scholar must provide a final report on the activity undertaken and how it was conducted, with an itemized account of the use made of the funds.

The Prince Bernhard Scholar will then receive a PBS Certificate and is invited to join the WWF Volunteer, Intern & Prince Bernhard Scholar Alumni group on Facebook.
To date, over 330 Scholarships have been awarded to individuals from more than 60 countries.

For more information on WWF’s work, view our

World Wildlife Fund tiene abierta la convocatoria de becas para la conservación de la naturaleza, cuyo objetivo principal es proporcionar apoyo financiero a individuos que desean continuar su formación profesional o estudios formales cortos que contribuyan en la conservación en sus países. La fecha de cierre es el 11 de enero 2015.

El apoyo comprende una asignación máxima de 10,000 francos suizos. Los proyectos deben cumplir con los siguientes objetivos: La beca es de un período máximo de un año, o el año final de una programa más extenso, en temas de conservación. Después de sus estudios los alumnos deben regresar a su país y trabajar en conservación.

Para ser admitidos, los solicitantes deberán ser residentes de África, Asia/Pacifico, América Latina y el Caribe, Este de Europa u Oriente Medio. Se priorizan aquellos proyectos de quienes buscan construir capacidades en temas específicos que contribuyan a la conservación de la naturaleza; en particular de mujeres, ONG, u organizaciones comunitarias. Los solicitantes deben enviar un certificado de aceptación del curso solicitado.

Para inscribirse los participantes deben enviar la solicitud completa en inglés a la oficina de WWF local:

Ms Carolina Dydzinsky
Assistant to Director General
Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina
Defensa 251, 6° Dto K
1065 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4331 3631 / 4343 4086 ext. 23
Fax: +54 114 331 36 31 ext. 24

Por consultas escribir a mayor información, visitar Becas Prince Bernhard

Bases y condiciones en castellano

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World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch are delighted to invite all photojournalists, documentary photographers and multimedia producers around the world to apply for the fourth annual Tim Hetherington Grant. The grant, worth 20,000 euro, is intended for the support of a visual storyteller in completing an existing project on a human rights theme. The entries close on 31 October and the announcement of the recipient will be made in New York City on 10 December.

World Press Photo acting managing director Maarten Koets says: “We share a commitment to the legacy of Tim Hetherington and are eager to expand the impact of the grant set up in Tim’s name. By opening up the entries to all visual storytellers, we offer an opportunity to everyone with an innovative approach to finish work on an important story.”

Carroll Bogert, Human Rights Watch’s deputy executive director for external relations, says, “We are thrilled to welcome another round of submissions for the Tim Hetherington Grant, and hope it will help to stimulate discussion and production of human rights reportage throughout the journalism profession.”

How to enter?
The application process is open to all professional visual journalists worldwide and is free to enter. The deadline for completing the application form and transferring work is 31 October 2014, 23.59 CET. For more information and for submitting an application for the grant, please visit:
The name of the recipient of the grant will be announced in New York City on 10 December.

The judging will take place at the Human Rights Watch headquarters. Human Rights Watch and World Press Photo representatives will join a panel of judges to select the beneficiary of the grant. The panel will be announced later this year.
The judges review the applications for qualities that defined Tim’s career. Successful candidates present work on a human rights theme that operates on multiple platforms and in a variety of formats; that crosses boundaries between breaking news and longer-term investigation; and that demonstrates a consistent moral commitment to the lives and stories of the subjects. Human rights photography should do more than present a tableau of suffering, but attempt to identify the perpetrator and point the way toward change.

The Tim Hetherington Grant
The Tim Hetherington Grant is a joint initiative of World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch, with the support of Tim’s parents, Alastair and Judith Hetherington. It was created to celebrate the legacy of the photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington, killed in Misrata, Libya in April 2011.
The grant has enabled recipients Stephen Ferry (2011), Fernando Moleres (2012) and Olivier Jobard (2013) to take their projects to the next stage. With the support of the Tim Hetherington Grant, they were able to approach audiences on multiple platforms, books, booklets, newspapers, websites and exhibitions.

World Press Photo receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and is sponsored worldwide by Canon.

About Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch is one of the leading international organizations dedicated to protecting and defending human rights. Its unique methodology combines rigorous research, extensive media outreach, and high-level policy advocacy to document, expose, and press for an end to human rights abuses in 90 countries worldwide. Human Rights Watch was founded as an independent non governmental organization in 1978 in New York and now has staff in 63 locations around the world. It accepts no funding from any government.

Contact Human Rights Watch: Elena Testi,


World Press Photo organizes the leading international contest in visual journalism. The foundation is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary storytelling worldwide. Its aim is to generate wide public interest in and appreciation for the work of photographers and other visual journalists, and for the free exchange of information. The activities include organizing annual photojournalism and multimedia contests and global exhibition tours. The Academy programs strive to stimulate high-quality visual journalism through educational programs, grants and by creating greater visibility through a variety of publications. World Press Photo is an independent, non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it was founded in 1955.

For further information, please contact:

The press department at World Press Photo, or tel. +31(0)20 676 6096.

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