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The 2015 World Bank (Robert S, McNamara) Fellowships Call for Applications

The 2015 World Bank (Robert S, McNamara) Fellowships Call for Applications will open on Wednesday January 7, 2015 and will close on Wednesday February 11, 2015. Between these dates the application form will be accessible online through a link posted on this webpage.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a new Grand Challenge: New Interventions for Global Health.

Grand Challenges: New Interventions for Global Health
New Interventions
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a new Grand Challenge: New Interventions for Global Health. This challenge focuses on innovative concepts for vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics with the potential to be translated into safe, effective, affordable, and widely utilized interventions to protect against the acquisition, progression, or transmission of infectious diseases, or to provide a cure for infectious diseases, in resource‐limited settings.

This request for proposals will fund full awards that could include grants, program related investments, or contracts up to USD $10,000,000 per awardee for up to four years. Full awards must include an industry, biotech, or other translational partner, either leading or participating in the application. We will also consider applications for pilot awards of up to USD $2,000,000 and up to four years to explore concepts that require additional investigation, with the anticipation that successful applicants will apply for a full award in subsequent years. Pilot awards do not include a requirement for a biotech or translation partner, but such partnerships would still be welcome.

Application deadline is January 13, 2015. For a detailed description of this challenge, see the Request for Proposals to the right, including translated versions.



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The Challenge Cup 2015: $650,000 Cash Prize in 4 Categories

challenfThe 1776 invites startups around the world to submit their project for Challenge Cup Competition of $650,000. This is a global competition accepting startups in four different categories.

The competition takes place in 16 cities around the world. Up to 40 startups will present 1 minute pitches at each competition. Among the 40, 8 startups will move to 5 minute pitch round and 4 will be selected to participate in the Global Finals to be held in Washington Dc. The Global Finals will be held during May 2015.

The Global Final will feature total 64 startups, 4 winners from each 16 cities. Among the 64, total 8 startups will be selected and overall winner will be selected from among the 8.


  1. Education – the most promising startups improving how people are educated in society. Innovations may include – early child K-12, higher education and adult learning.
  2. Energy – the most promising startups disrupting any phase in the energy life cycle as well as other creative solutions to efficiently consuming the world’s energy. Innovations may include – production; renewable sources, efficiency in residential; commercial and industrial spaces; storage and transmission; smart grid and smart things; data analytics; marketplace (how consumers choose preferred energy sources); and natural resources.
  3. Health – the most promising startups creating better ways to keep society healthy and happy. Innovations may include – personal health, medical, bioinformatics, digital health records, data analytics, corporate wellness, tolls for hospitals, mobile, insurance and delivery.
  4. Cities – the most promising startups creating tools, apps, and other advancements that make citizen and city living more efficient, convenient or improved. Innovations can be (but not limited to) transportation, public safety, delivery of government or commercial benefits, citizen engagement, politics, local connectivity and sharing, sustainability, small business services.

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Request for Proposals: A Systems Biology Approach to Pregnancy and Prematurity


The Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth (GAPPS) is now accepting letters of inquiry for a new round of grants as part of its Preventing Preterm Birth initiative (PPB).

GAPPS seeks projects that discover and characterize longitudinal changes associated with normal and abnormal pregnancy and develop biomarkers to identify at-risk pregnancies through rigorous analysis of underlying biological mechanisms that lead to preterm birth, focusing on the role of high dimensional systems biology and its applications in pregnancy.

The goal of this RFP is to solicit applications utilizing one or more high-throughput systems biology approaches in a pilot study using data and biologic samples collected prospectively throughout the course of gestation for 50 women with spontaneous term delivery and 25 women with early spontaneous preterm birth (less than or equal to 34 weeks gestation).

GAPPS is expecting to fund several projects for up to $500,000 US dollars each. The Preventing Preterm Birth initiative is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of the Grand Challenges in Global Health.

Details and application instructions are available at Letters of inquiry are being accepted online until 1 December, 2014.

The PPB review committee will review all letters of inquiry submitted, and selected applicants will be invited to submit a full grant proposal.

We look forward to receiving innovative ideas from scientists around the world. If you don’t submit a letter of inquiry yourself, we hope you will forward this message to someone else who might be interested.

Hivos Grants for Innovative Ideas and Best Practices for more open, democratic & greener societies

Hivos is accepting submissions for its first round of Social Innovation Awards that provide grants to individuals, organizations and companies from Asia, Africa and Latin America to share their most innovative ideas and best practices that contribute to more open, democratic and green societies.

Addressing the major challenges to the future of people and the planet requires new ideas. In the face of persistent inequality, an unsustainable economic system and threats to freedom and dignity, Hivos is continuously looking for new ways, new practices and new alliances that will contribute to systemic change.

This year, Hivos is launching its first Social Innovation Award. The award is meant to encourage new solutions for social change by supporting innovative ideas and practices which expand and defend freedom or create productive ecosystems that sustain human progress.

The Hivos Social Innovation Award has two categories:

  • A prize for a promising innovative idea that needs support to develop into a prototype.
  • A prize for a proven innovative approach that needs support to scale up and increase impact.

Both awards entail a €15,000 prize which must be invested in further developing the concept. The first category award consists of a € 5,000 prize and a coaching trajectory worth € 10,000 to develop the idea into a prototype. The second category prize is intended as an investment in scaling proven approaches within the next two years.

The semi-finalists are selected online by the public together with Hivos. They are then offered an interactive learning trajectory that will enable them to elaborate their proposal. After a jury determines who the top 3 finalists per category are, they will get the opportunity to pitch their proposals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The deadline for the first round of submissions is 9 November 2014. The Award Ceremony will be on 5 February 2015.

Microsoft Software Donations -Microsoft: Donación de Microsoft Software

MICROWe believe technology can be a powerful force that opens exciting opportunities for nonprofits to better achieve their missions and accelerate their impact. That’s why we donate, on average, $2 million dollars a day in software to nonprofits around the world. In the hands of nonprofit organizations, technology can boost productivity, increase effectiveness through better collaboration, and extend services to new communities and individuals in need.

Software Grants

Through the Microsoft Software Donation Program, eligible organizations can receive software donations through Microsoft or our partner, TechSoup Global (and their worldwide network of TechSoup Global affiliates). To get started: Seguir leyendo ‘Microsoft Software Donations -Microsoft: Donación de Microsoft Software’

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