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Anita Borg Pass-It-On (PIO) Awards Program – Pass-It-On Awards Program

anitaThe Anita Borg Systers Pass-It-On (PIO) Awards honor Anita Borg’s desire to create a network of  women technologists helping one another. The cash awards, funded by donations from the Systers Online Community and others, are intended as means for women established in technological fields to support women seeking their place in the fields of technology. The program is called “Pass-It-On” because it comes with the moral obligation to “pass on” the benefits gained from the award.

Pass-it-on Award applications are open to any woman over 18 years old in or aspiring to be in the fields of computing. Awards are open to women in all countries and range from $500.00 to $1000.00 USD. Applications covering a wide variety of needs and projects are encouraged, such as:

  • Small amount to help with studies, job transfers or other transitions in life.
  • A broader project that benefits girls and women.
  • Projects that seek to inspire more girls and women to go into the computing field.
  • Assistance with educational fees and materials.
  • Partial funding source for larger scholarship.
  • Mentoring and other supportive groups for women in technology or computing.

 See our Spring 2014 PIO Award winners here!

Applications for Fall 2014 OPEN August 6, 2014. Apply here.

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Third Call for Project Proposals under the Treaty’s Benefit-sharing Fund – Tercera convocatoria de propuestas de proyectos con cargo del Fondo de distribución de beneficios del Tratado


The Bureau of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture opened the Third Call for Proposals under the Benefit-sharing Fund of the Treaty on 7 March 2014. The Call will invest more than USD 10 million in projects globally.

The thematic focus of the Call for Proposals 2014, within the three agreed priorities of the Benefit-sharing Fund, is helping to ensure sustainable food security by assisting farmers to adapt to climate change through a targeted set of high impact activities on the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

Any governmental or non-governmental organization, including genebanks and research institutions, farmers and farmers’ organizations, and regional and international organizations, based in eligible countries that are Contracting Parties to the International Treaty, may apply for grants under the Benefit-sharing Fund. The list of eligible Contracting Parties has been prepared based on a complete list of developing countries derived from the most recent World Bank’s classification of economies, as requested by the Governing Body.

A Helpdesk service is provided for the Third Call for Proposals to  facilitate the process of preparing pre-proposals and full project proposals for funding from the  Benefit-sharing Fund. This service provides technical support when submitting pre-proposals on how to fill out the pre-proposals, the channels to be used to present the pre-proposals, eligible countries as well as potential sources of information relevant to the appeal. The helpdesk  provides information and support in English, French, Spanish and Arabic by email and phone.

The screening of the pre-proposals received under the Third Call for Proposals is still ongoing. It is planned to be concluded by mid-September 2014. Applicants and the relevant authorities will be informed of the outcome of the screening process in due course.

A) Text of the Third Call for Project Proposals

-Appendix 2: List of countries eligible to apply

-Appendix 3: List of National Focal Points and Permanent Representatives

-Appendix 4A: Submission Form for Project Pre-Proposals

-Appendix 4B: Guidelines for the submission of Pre-Proposals

B) Information on the Help Desk 

C) Frequently Asked Questions

- Download the Arabic text of the Third Call for Project Proposals

- Read the list of Annex 1 crops of the International Treaty

- Exploring networking opportunities:  List of project pre-proposals presented to the Second Call in 2010

La Mesa del Órgano Rector del Tratado Internacional sobre los Recursos Fitogenéticos para la Alimentación y la Agricultura abrió la tercera convocatoria de propuestas en el marco del Fondo de Distribución de Beneficios del Tratado el siete de marzo de 2014. En este ciclo se invertirán más de 10 millones de dólares EEUU. en proyectos, a nivel mundial. Continuar leyendo ‘Third Call for Project Proposals under the Treaty’s Benefit-sharing Fund – Tercera convocatoria de propuestas de proyectos con cargo del Fondo de distribución de beneficios del Tratado’

European Research Council (ERC) : Call for Proposals -Funding and Grants European Research Council (ERC)

call fp

The main goal of the European Research Council (ERC) is to encourage high quality research in Europe through competitive funding. In this section you can find out more about the ERC and the vital role it plays in supporting European leadership in world class research.

ERC grant applications can only be submitted in response to a Call for Proposals.The ERC has yearly calls for proposals covering all scientific fields.For an ERC grant application to be complete, it needs to include the administrative forms, the research proposal and the supplementary documents. The completed proposalshould be submitted by the specified closing date.OPEN CALLS*
ERC Advanced GrantDeadline: 21 Oct 2014 (17:00 Brussels local time)
Identifier: ERC-2014-ADG
Publication date: 17 Jun 2014
ERC Proof of ConceptSecond deadline: 01 Oct 2014 (17:00 Brussels local time)
Identifier: ERC-2014-PoC
Publication date: 11 Dec 2013
* Please note that the official deadlines are only those indicated on the Participant Portal.Application process:
Principal Investigators who wish to apply to one of the ERC calls will need to apply through the Electronic Submission Service of the Participant Portal.

Funding and Grants

European Research Council (ERC) grants support individual researchers of any nationality and age who wish to pursue their frontier research. The ERC encourages in particular proposals that cross disciplinary boundaries, pioneering ideas that address new and emerging fields and applications that introduce unconventional, innovative approaches.


Fellowships en Derechos Humanos Internacionales – Fellowships in International Human Rights


Human Rights Watch tiene abierta la convocatoria para sus Fellowships en Derechos Humanos Internacionales, cuyo objetivo principal es emplear graduados recientes en leyes. La fecha de cierre es 15 de Octubre de 2014.

El apoyo comprende una asignación 55,000 dólares estadounidenses. Los solicitantes deben perseguir una carrera en los Derechos Humanos Internacionales.

Para ser admitidos, los solicitantes deberán reunir los siguientes requisitos: Tener experiencia de investigación, incluyendo la conducción de entrevistas; Tener experiencia de trabajo de campo; Tener fluidez en inglés, tanto las habilidades escritas y orales y competencia en otro idioma; Ser graduado reciente en las áreas de derecho, relaciones internacionales, periodismo u otras carreras relacionadas.

Para inscribirse los participantes deben enviar en formato .pdf: carta de solicitud, CV, 2 cartas de recomendación, un escrito no publicado ni editado, y un certificado oficial de la universidad, por correo electrónico a Para consultas sobre la postulación escribir a

Para más información visitar Human Rights Watch

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Scholarship of the Month: Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year


Welcome to the first ever edition of fundsforNGOs Scholarship of the Month feature. We’re delighted to be joined by an organization that has been consistently at the forefront of the social entrepreneurship  movement, the Schwab Foundation.

Annually, the Foundation select 20-25 Social Entrepreneurs from a pool of applicants through a global “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” competition as well as providing a series of other solutions for its awardees.

We’ve been joined by Katherine Milligan, Deputy Head of the Schwab Foundation, to our answer our questions about the foundation and how they are working to support societal innovation and progress.

What inspired the establishment of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship?

The Schwab Foundation is a sister organization to the World Economic Forum and was founded fifteen years ago by Klaus Schwab. Mr Schwab experienced for himself how affiliations with influential organizations like Davos enabled him to promote his cause and access support from critical actors in government, media and the private sector.

Since that time social entrepreneurship has advanced leaps and bounds from a relatively unknown and misunderstood term to a genuine movement that is offering new solutions to social and environmental problems around the world.

Today we see social entrepreneurs represented nearly everywhere and they have become critical agents of change. The sector has changed dramatically over the past decade but the fundamentals remain the same dedicated individuals on the ground, testing ideas, designing solutions and providing products and services that are meaningful. We welcome these individuals perspectives and insights and support them to become influential figures and change agents in both the business and development sectors.

Our work over the past fifteen years has been focused on supporting these individuals, to highlight their successes and to socialise these new business concepts. The Foundation actively works to promote organizations that have a direct impact on beneficiary populations, often in low income and low resourceenvironments.

Why did the Foundation choose to support Social Entrepreneurship rather than the traditional donor-NGO model?

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FOMIN: Programa Remesas y Ahorros


El Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones (FOMIN) tiene abierta la convocatoria para el Programa de Remesas y Ahorros, cuyo objetivo es promover el desarrollo de estrategias de negocio enfocadas en mejorar el acceso y uso de servicios de productos de ahorro formal, adaptados a las necesidades y preferencias de los clientes de remesas internacionales. La convocatoria no tiene fecha de cierre.

El fondo consta de un máximo de 400,000 dólares estadounidenses, para un total de 10 proyectos en la región. Las instituciones seleccionadas serán responsables de realizar un aporte de contrapartida de al menos un 40% del costo total del proyecto. Los proyectos deben cumplir con las siguientes características:

o   Potencial impacto en la inclusión financiera en el mercado nacional.

o   Inclusión de grupos de la población tradicionalmente excluidos entre los beneficiarios.

o   Potencial de escalabilidad del proyecto.

o   Potencial de efecto demostración.

Las actividades elegibles para el financiamiento deben son: Estudios de mercado de clientes de remesas; Capacitación de personal; Diseño o ajustes de productos de ahorro; Elaboración y ejecución de planes de negocios dirigidos a ofrecer productos de ahorro orientados a clientes de la remesas; Elaboración de plataformas de atención al cliente destinadas a ahorristas; Promoción a productos de ahorro acordes con las características socioculturales de la población destinataria (promoción focalizada); Prueba de nuevos canales de distribución para acercar los servicios de pagos y ofrecer productos de ahorro, tales como corresponsales bancarios y soluciones de tecnología móvil; Adaptación de los sistemas de información para la oferta de nuevos productos de ahorro, Evaluación de impacto.

Para inscribirse los participantes deben descargar y completar el formulario, y enviarlo a Para consultas sobre la postulación escribir a

Para mayor información visitar: Fondo Multilateral de inversiones (FOMIN)

Fondos de Fundación Ford – Ford Foundation grants


La Fundación Ford tiene abierta la convocatoria para sus fondos, cuyo objetivo principal es efectuar cambios duraderos que transformen las vidas de las personas, a partir del apoyo a organizaciones, pensadores y líderes innovadores que buscan reducir la pobreza y la injusticia y promueven valores democráticos, la libre expresión y logros humanos. La convocatoriaestá abierta todo el año.

El apoyo ofrecido constituye una donación en dinero. Las propuestas deben ser a largo plazo, y estar alineadas con los diferentes objetivos de la Fundación, los cuales se encuentran dentro de las siguientes áreas: Gobernanza democrática y rendición de cuentas; Equidad económica; Oportunidades en educación y becas; Libertad de expresión; Género, sexualidad y justicia reproductiva; Derechos Humanos; Desarrollo sostenible.

Para ser elegida, la propuesta debe estar enmarcada dentro de unos de los enfoques establecidos por la fundación para la asignación de ayuda. Entre ellos: la exploración pragmática; la incidencia; el litigio; el desarrollo de contenido y medios de comunicación o; el fortalecimiento de capacidad. Se dará prioridad a las propuestas que apoyen a mujeres y a grupos desfavorecidos.

Para solicitar una donación, complete el formulario online. En este deberá describir brevemente su Organización, hacer un listado de las personas que llevarán a cabo el proyecto; el propósito del mismo y las cuestiones que se pretende abordar; el presupuesto aproximado y el cronograma del proyecto.

Para mayor información, visitar:

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