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International Food Relief Partnership (IFRP) Program: USAID Grants for US Organizations

ussaThe United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking applications (proposals for funding) from U.S. non-profit organizations for the production, packaging, and stockpiling of shelf-stable, prepackaged commodities to be distributed under the International Food Relief Partnership (IFRP) program. Any commodity that meets the requirement and appropriate for any beneficiary group in the developing world including families, displaced persons, adults, school children, HIV/AIDS patients, and moderately malnourished children can apply for it. Seguir leyendo ‘International Food Relief Partnership (IFRP) Program: USAID Grants for US Organizations’

Programa de Subvenciones Comunitarias de Fundación Walmart- Community Grant Program


  • Community Grants range from the minimum grant of $250 to the maximum grant of $2,500.
  • Organizations must submit an online application to be considered for funding.
  • The deadline to apply for 2014 funding is December 31, 2014.

 Eligibility Checklist

  1. Funds must benefit the facility’s service area: potential grantees should be nonprofit organizations with programs that benefit communities within the service area of the Walmart store, Sam’s Club or Logistics facility from which they are requesting funds.
  2. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have identified four core areas of giving: Hunger Relief & Healthy EatingSustainability,Women’s Economic Empowerment or Career OpportunityTo ensure that your application has the best chance of being funded, the proposed use of the grant should fit within one of these areas of giving. Primary consideration for the Community Grant program is to support local organizations with programs that align with the Foundation’s areas of giving. However, programs that do not align with these areas may also be given consideration. If you are applying for funding through a Sam’s Club location, additional focus areas are considered. Learn more about the Sam’s Club Giving Program.
  3. Organizations must be described as one of the following:
  • An organization holding a current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3), (4), (6) or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • A recognized government entity: state, county, or city agency, including law enforcement or fire departments, that are requesting funds exclusively for public purposes;
  • A K-12 public or private school, charter school, community/junior college, state/private college or university; or
  • A church or other faith-based organization with a proposed project that benefits the community at large.

Seguir leyendo ‘Programa de Subvenciones Comunitarias de Fundación Walmart- Community Grant Program’

The Clim-Dev Special Fund of EUR400,000 to address the Challenges Associated with Climate Data and Information

Areas of Intervention

  1. Generation, wide dissemination and use of reliable and high quality climate information.
  2. Capacity enhancement of policy makers and policy support institutions through the generation of quality analysis and evidence on climate change.
  3. Implementation of pilot adaptation practices that demonstrate the value of mainstreaming climate information in development planning.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be dedicated institutions, organizations, agencies undertaking activities in the territory of African countries.
  • Applicant can be NGO (non-government organization), CSO (civil society organization) and CBO (community based organization) that demonstrate their credibility and track record in the CDSF areas of intervention.
  • Proposed projects and activities must fall into one or more of the following areas -
  • Generation and wide dissemination of reliable and high quality climate Information in Africa
  • Capacity enhancement of policy makers and policy support institutions to integrate climate change information into development programs; and
  • Implementation of pilot adaptation practices that demonstrate the value in mainstreaming climate information into development

Check Applicant information and Basic data.

For more information, please visit CDSF Call for Proposals.

The Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility Program: Grant of €30.500.000 aims to Improve the Output of the Agricultural and Fishing Sector

Under the policy priorities Food Security and Water, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is accepting proposals for the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility Program. The G4AW aims to enable partnerships of NGOs (non-government organizations) and research institutes, private and government organizations to set up service chains that are large-scale, demand-driven, user-tailored and satellite-based. Through this partnership, G4AW aims to improve the output of the agricultural and fishing sector in G4AW partner countries by providing food producers with relevant information, advice or financial products.

The total grant funding available under this call is €30.500.000. Grant request for each project can range between €500.000 and €5.000.000.

Eligibility Criteria

Complete application materials include – application form, partner forms, project plan (including annexes), and partnership cooperation agreement.

For more information, please visit G4AW.

The Innovative Metrics and Methods for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) Competitive Research Grants for Researchers around the world

imanaThe London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) invites grant applications from researchers and institutions in low-and middle-income countries (as well as the developed countries) to apply for the Innovative Metrics and Methods for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) Competitive Research Grants. These grants are aimed to speed up the development of innovative and interdisciplinary methods, metrics and tools to advance the scientific understanding of the linkages between agriculture and food systems and health and nutrition outcomes, in order to better inform policy and programmatic actions to improve nutrition outcomes in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Approximately seven to eight grants will be awarded. Maximum grants amount for the first round is up to £250,000 for each research. Research duration can be two to three years depending on the nature and scope of the proposed research.

Note the Key Dates

  1. 21 November 2014 – Concept Memos submission deadline
  2. 10 December 2014 – Selected applications invited to submit full proposals
  3. 20 February 2014 – Full proposal submission deadline
  4. 15 May 2015 – Awards notification
  5. 1 September – 31 December 2015 – Grants dissemination start period

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants can be researchers and institutions from low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) as well as the developed countries.
  • Applicants must have demonstrated the ability to conduct research of international standards of excellence in the topic proposed.
  • Proposal must demonstrate strong partnerships, the added value that would be created by the proposed partnership, and the contribution it would make to enhance the scientific capacity of Southern partners.
  • Applicants may submit more than one application, provided each application is scientifically distinct.

For more information, please visit IMMANA Call for Applications.

Think. Eat. Save. Student Challenge- Desafío Estudiantil Piensa. Alimentate. Ahorra

El Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA) tiene abierta la convocatoria para el Desafío Estudiantil Piensa.Alimentate.Ahorra, cuyo objetivo principal es que los jóvenes tomen conciencia del desperdicio de comida y busquen soluciones al respecto. La fecha de cierra es el 16 de noviembre de 2014, 11:59pm (+3 GMT).

Los proyectos ganadores recibirán, como 1° premio 5,000 dólares estadounidenses, como 2° premio 3,000 dólares estadounidenses, como 3° premio 2,000 dólares estadounidenses. Cada trabajo será evaluado teniendo en cuenta los siguientes criterios: Creatividad; Efectividad; y Alcance.

Para participar, los estudiantes deben realizar una actividad o proyecto que aborde cualquiera de las siguientes cuestiones: Evaluar el nivel de desperdicios alimenticios que genera el colegio e identificar/entender sus causas; Generar una idea o ideas para eliminar o reducir los desperdicios alimenticios en los colegios o universidades (por ejemplo, a través de una mejor planificación, preparación, almacenamiento, consumo en las cafeterías, reciclaje de restos; etc.) y la puesta en marcha de un proyecto para implementar al menos una de estas opciones; Sensibilizar a los colegios o comunidades sobre el tema de los desperdicios alimenticios y sobre por qué deberían reducirse y finalmente eliminarse.

Los estudiantes pueden participar de forma individual o por equipos. Para los equipos no hay un número de participantes mínimo ni máximo requerido. Los equipos deberán designar un representante o líder. Cuando haya finalizado la implementación del proyecto, los participantes pueden entrar de Nuevo en su cuenta en la página de desafío y explicar sus logros. Deberán colgarse fotos de apoyo en las cuentas de Instagram, Twitter o Facebook del participante con la etiqueta #PiensaAliméntateAhorra o #ThinkEatSave. Deberán hacerse públicas las redes sociales usadas por los participantes para su promoción. Podrán colgarse vídeos de un máximo de 3 minutos en el canal de Youtube de los participantes. Se espera que los participantes creen imágenes divertidas para promocionar su proyecto en las redes sociales e internet.

Para inscribirse, los participantes deben registrarse de forma online.

Para mayor información, visitar


The Henry M. Jackson/Gordon C. Culp Fellowship Program at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies


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