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Newton Advanced Fellowships

Newton Advanced Fellowships are now available through the Newton Fund, which is part of the UK’s official development assistance. Its aim is to develop science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries.
Newton Advanced Fellowships provide established international researchers with an opportunity to develop the research strengths and capabilities of their research group through training, collaboration and reciprocal visits with a partner in the UK.
The skills and knowledge gained should lead to changes in the wellbeing of communities and increased economic benefits.
This award is currently available to international early career group leaders to develop their research by linking them with some of the best research groups in the UK. The aim is to:
Support the development of a well-trained research community who can contribute to poverty alleviation by transferring new skills and creating new knowledge which can lead to changes in the wellbeing of communities and increased economic benefits. Continuar leyendo ‘Newton Advanced Fellowships’

Fondos para justicia social de la fundación Arcus

Fundación Arcus tiene abierta la convocatoria para sus Fondos para Justicia Social, cuyo objetivo principal es centrar sus actividades en un cambio de políticas y un cambio cultural en cuanto identidad de género y de etnia, y orientación sexual. No hay una feche de cierre, se puede aplicar durante todo el año.

El apoyo comprende una asignación máxima de 500,000 dólares estadounidenses. Los proyectos deben cumplir con los siguientes objetivos: relacionarse con uno de los tres temas en la que la fundación proporciona sus fondos: Derechos Humanos internacionales, justicia social estadounidense, las religiones mundiales). Se financiará: apoyo operativo general; apoyo a programas específicos; campañas en políticas públicas; Investigación o difusión en políticas públicas; Proyectos capitales; construcción de capacidades; apoyo multianual.

Para ser admitidos los solicitantes deberán reunir los siguientes requisitos: todas las organizaciones (no se brindará financiación a individuos) deben tener una política de igualdad de empleo e incluye específicamente una protección por motivos de género y orientación sexual. Se priorizan aquellos proyectos que trabajen temas como la integración de grupos minoritarios (en particular la comunidad LGBT, los jóvenes de grupos étnicos minoritarios, etc.) y la integración de identidad de género y la orientación sexual dentro de un concepto mundial de derechos mundiales.

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Are you into Commodity Development Activities? Apply for the Common Fund for Commodities

The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) is accepting applications from the organizations that are implementing Commodity Development Activities in the member countries. The Common Fund aims to realize the potential of commodity production, processing, manufacturing, and trade for the benefit of the poor. The Fund supports commodity based activities along the entire commodity value chain which extend across local, national, regional and international markets. Continuar leyendo ‘Are you into Commodity Development Activities? Apply for the Common Fund for Commodities’

“How to raise Funds from the European Commission”

uetimeThe European Commission (EC) is a significant source of funding for NGOs worldwide. Its regular calls for proposals and other grant opportunities offer a substantial amount of funding resources for NGOs. These calls and opportunities seek to support projects and programs in a wide range of fields: Poverty reduction; sustainable development; promoting democracy; human rights; and more.

Despite this, many NGOs avoid applying for funding because of the complexity and highly competitive nature of the EC grant system. The funding guidelines can be difficult to understand, instructions are complicated, and the application form can be difficult to follow. But this should not deter NGOs from trying. With some time and effort, it is possible to understand the grant system and apply for EC grants successfully.

This entry-level webinar will help NGOs identify and apply to calls for European Commission development programs and external actions.

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Calls: Nominet Trust – Social Tech Seed Fund Open to Applications in the UK

Originalmente publicado en UEL Research Support Blog:

Social Tech Seed is an open investment programme that offers early-stage investment to entrepreneurs who are looking to develop new ventures using digital for social impact. This programme will provide funding and support to help entrepreneurs nurture, develop and test their ideas.

Key points of the funding are as follows:

  • Grant funding, typically between £15,000 and £50,000, to support entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into a more robust digital product or service.
  • Projects will benefit from a package of non-financial business support including mentoring, marketing and comms, business development expertise and networking opportunities.
  • Each venture will also have access to a discretionary fund of up to £5,000, should specific expertise be needed to support their early-stage development.
  • Funding will be awarded for a maximum period of 12 months.
  • Nominet Trust will not require an equity stake or loan repayments.
  • Successful projects will retain any IP developed with the funding.


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ANR – Aportes No Reembolsables

arnEn el ámbito de la inversión privada, el PROSAP con financiamiento del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) y del Banco Internacional de Reconstrucción y Fomento (BIRF) incentiva con APORTES NO REEMBOLSABLES (ANR) iniciativas que impulsan la competitividad de los pequeños y medianos productores agropecuarios y de las MiPyMEs agroindustriales y de servicios de todo el país.


Funding opportunities

European Research Council

ERC Grants aim to support single research leaders (‘Principal Investigators’) heading a research team to conduct a frontier research project on the condition that he/she is engaged by a legally established host organisation.

Royal Society

The Royal Society supports mainly uk scientists from postdoctoral level to senior professorships and also offer grants for a variety of purposes ranging from conference travel to the modernisation of laboratories.

Alan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

Currently fund individuals as well as charitable organisations. Funding to individuals includes upto £300 for gap year costs and funding to cover final year PhD tuition fees.

Botanical Society of the British Isles

The BSBI runs a small grants scheme offering awards of up to £1000 (typically £500) to support research to enhance knowledge of the flora of the British Isles.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Funding agency for academic research and training in the non-clinical life sciences

Community of Science (COS)

The Community of Science is a membership organisation serving researchers, academics, non-profit organisations, and students; their funding opportunities database points them toward research grants, program funding, scholarships, fellowships, prizes and more.

The Daphne Jackson Trust

The Daphne Jackson Trust is an independent charity dedicated to returning talented scientists, engineers and technologists to careers after a break of two years or more.

European Science Foundation – Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LESC)

The Life, Earth and Environmental Standing Committee aims to better understand biological, environmental and Earth systems across time and space. It covers activities from molecular and systems biology to global change of the environment.   LESC facilitates new activities in interdisciplinary areas by initiating and funding networks and projects. Many LESC projects have involved policy makers and industry.

The Leverhulme Trust

The Trust offers grants and fellowships in support of academic research. Formerly called Special Research Fellowships, Early Career Fellowships provide career development opportunities for those with a proven record of research who do not hold, or have not held a full-time established academic post in a UK university or comparable institution.

International Foundation For Science

The IFS Granting Programme is open for project proposals from developing country scientists who meet the eligibility criteria and conduct research on the sustainable management of biological resources. Applications must be related to the sustainable utilisation of the biological and/or water resource base.

Linnean Society Centenary Grant

The Society disburses a limited number of small grants to a total of approximately £30,000 in any one year, as well as awards of medals and prizes for outstanding work in the biological sciences. For further details, please email Adrian Thomas, Executive secretary.

L’Oreal – UNESCO for Women in Science Programme

UK, Ireland and International Fellowships aimed at promoting women in scientific research.

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

The NERC have a number of funding opportunities. For more details visit their website or email the Science Web Team.

Nuffield Foundation

Their grant-making reflects the Foundation’s aim of advancing social well-being particularly by research and practical experiment. The wide range of activities supported by the Foundation fall into two main categories: support of research and innovation that will bring about beneficial social change and development of research and professional capacity, especially in the sciences and the social sciences, targeted at people in the early stages of their careers.

Rothamsted International

Rothamsted International endeavour to share research excellence across the world for the benefit of world-wide agricultural and environmental sustainability in the context of development needs.

Rufford Small Grants Foundation

Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation (RSGs) are aimed at small conservation programmes and pilot projects.

UK Population Biology Network (UKPopNet)

UKPopNet’s goal is to work towards answers to two questions of pressing importance to science and society, namely: what will be the effects of biodiversity change on the sustainability of ecosystems, landscapes, and livelihoods? and what strategies should we employ to mitigate those effects. UKPopNet funds or participates in eight inter-institutional projects and a series of working groups and workshops.

Tropical Biology Association
The Tropical Biology Association’s funding database contains grants and scholarships, training opportunities, and funding lists, to help aspiring African conservation biologists develop their careers.

The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation

The foundations aim is to help people of exceptional talent who have interesting projects in a variety of fields, and who for one reason or another are unlikely to obtain funding from the usual sources, for example because of their nationality. They do offer funding for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies and applicants need to be living in the British Isles during the period of application.

Ecological Society of Americas SEEDS program

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) SEEDS program offers Undergraduate Research Fellowships for students underrepresented in the field of ecology. The SEEDS Program also offers travel awards for undergraduate students, program alumni in graduate school, and Campus Ecology Chapter faculty advisors to attend the Ecological Society of America (ESA) Annual Meeting.

The Big Lottery Fund

The UK National Lottery has an ever changing group of funding programmes. Many of which have been aimed at local community projects and school grounds improvement.

Growing Schools

A website designed to support teachers in using the “outdoor classroom” as a resource across the curriculum for pupils of all ages. They do have a relavant funders section on their website.

Botanic Gardens Education Network

BGEN promotes the positive role that active, plant-based learning can play in educational settings. (Members have access to learning resources).

Opal Grant Scheme

The Grants Scheme is open to all national and local natural history societies, recording schemes and similar groups that are active within England, including regional branches of national organisations. The group’s primary focus must be biological.

MCED award for ecological modeling

Young modelers can apply, who finished their bachelor, masters, or PhD degree within the last 3 years. The MCED award follows the eponymous textbook for ecological modeling which has been recently published by Springer Publishing House and which provides a curriculum for ecological modeling for students, either for a university course or for self-learning.

The Royal Geographical Society

The Royal Geographical Society awards over 70 grants in excess of £180,000 annually to experienced researchers working on cutting-edge projects and to teams of young, passionate geographers who are looking to get out into the field for the first time. This includes Student Grants for student fieldwork projects, from PhD students collecting data for their dissertation to groups of undergraduates looking to get out into the field for the first time; Research Grants including support for early career academics attending geographical conferences and Teaching Grants to support innovation in teaching geography at secondary and higher education level.

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